Saturday, February 8, 2014

Breaking the Ice

I'm not sure if it has been this extra cold winter we are having, but for some reason my blogging skills have been frozen. I hope you haven't been waiting in anticipation too long :)

I think I realize with a child how there are truly not enough hours in the day. Life just starts moving at warp speed, and before you know it you are trying to figure out what to put on the dinner table and already tucking them in for bed. Tucking in for bed at our house is all relative though…more like, rocking, singing, and saying an extra prayer before you creep to bed in hopes that you get a good night of shut eye. Yeah, I said it…we are still struggling to sleep through the night 14 months into this whole parenting gig. We have just begun to realize he loves us THAT much that he wants to periodically see us at times, in the middle of the night, when we look extra pretty and feel real chipper.

The holidays truly remind you of all the blessings you have. Extremely giving parents, wonderful meals on the table (including lobster), snuggles by the fire, and thankful grins. My sister, John, and Olivia didn't get to come home and we all missed them terribly. Just isn't the same waking up at my parents house during the holidays and not thinking about meeting Krissy at her room so we could go look at presents by the Christmas tree together. Although we didn't get to be together, we both got to experience the wonderful gift of watching our kids see presents from Santa. Oh how we have come full circle! I hope you enjoy the snapshots from some of our great winter moments.

Life's a long and winding ride
Better have the right one by your side
Happiness don't drag its feet
And time moves faster than you think
-Kip Moore


  1. Love that Jackaroo and all the fun pictures!! Wish I was there to share in the memories!!! Love yall!!

  2. I am loving Jack in his puffer vests!!! Can't believe how quickly he's becoming a little man. Such fun pics!